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Naturally, healthy skin needs a good balance of both hydration and moisture. We never use any artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic preservatives or any other unsafe ingredients.

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J's Natural Beauty

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Overall rating out of 38 Google reviews

Comedy Convicts
11 months ago

I love the products. The owner Janeen is great also. Yes. Sister. The vitamin C facial cleanser leaves my face feeling some kinda good way.

I have the shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, as well as the hair growth serum from J's Natural Beauty - I love them all!!! I've only been using them for a couple days and can already tell a difference in my hair. The best part is the ingredients are all natural as advertised, and the products are all very affordable (unlike a lot of other "natural" products). Plus, the business owner, Jennine is so helpful and kind!!! Please go support this small business and buy some of her amazing products!

Aaron Grigsby
a year ago

Eric Berry
a year ago

I have used the foaming face wash for skin cleanser and to shave with. It works as a 2 in one. It keeps the shaving bumps at bay. I also love the clear complexion they have to use as an after shave lotion. I can appreciate all of their products because its plant based and works so well. Be sure to not use a dull razor when shaving. That will cause you to bump up as well. Cheers

Sharon Young
a year ago

I usually get all natural authentic shampoo and conditioner that works well, but this one smells sooo lovely. It doesn't smell like medicine and oils. It smells and works like regular shampoo and conditioner except it is really natural and authenic when it comes to vegan. I love it.

Victoria Crow
a year ago

Hi my name is Victoria and I am so happy I ordered God's gift I use it on my face for one week and I cannot believe the difference my skin is smooth around my lips under my eye area my friends have told me oh my gosh what did you do you look 10 years younger and I'm like I use God's gift it's the most incredible product I've ever used on my face I'm 60 and I look 50 thank you very much actually some say I even look 45 so I am so thankful to the Lord for God's gift

Betsy Cartwell
a year ago

A friend suggested I try J's Natural Beauty shampoo and conditioner and am I ever glad she did... You will immediately realize all of the other shampoo and conditioner you tried before was junk. Not only is my hair amazing now, but the stuff goes a long, long way. A little dab will do you as they say. I also really appreciated how easy it was to shop on her website and my products arrived in a couple of days of ordering. Great Job!

my slate
a year ago

Recently tried the face and body detoxifying mask and i can honestly say the improvements in just the appearance of my skin were immediately apparent. My face was left soft and smooth without it feeling or looking greasy at all. I honestly didn’t want to take the mask off after the 10 minutes my skin felt THAT good.

Myah Slaton
a year ago

Its hard for me to find curly hair products that really work for my hair so I recently decide to purchase J's coconut and argan shampoo and conditioner, and the TEN leave in conditioner and I could not be more pleased. From the amazing coconut smell to the shiny bouncy texture that sustained for hours I was definitely not disappointed. Will definitely be a returning costumer

Candi Gurl
2 years ago

The products arrived within days of placing my order. The packaging was beautiful. I really enjoy the foaming acne wash It was refreshing yet gentle to my sensitive skin. The products were all natural and have been effective.

2 years ago

I've been using the Acne Wash Foaming Cleanser , God's Gift Moisturizer and the Clear Complexion Moisturizer since they first came out with it. I've also been using the Hair Oil. I just love all of this stuff. I used to break out with razor bumps when I shave sometime and from wearing this mask because of covid 19. The acne wash, at least one of the moisturizers and the hair oil is something i feel I cant live without. Pretty reasonably priced based on what some of my friends say they spend on their skin care moisturizer. This brand to me, is the most honest I guess. Im not in to all of the organic and natural stuff, but I am into getting the results from what ever skin care line can provide it and so far this is the one.

Lorraine Ennon
2 years ago

I been using the product for a year a and, I am absolutely fond of the way, that my skin has improve, more so with the God's gift moisturizer besides the acne product it's a win-win game changer. I'm extremely pleased with J's natural beauty.

Dee Garcia
2 years ago

God’s Gift moisturizer is gentle and great for everyday use. It nourishes and hydrates my skin. It’s light texture absorbs nicely leaving my skin soft and refreshed. Great for sensitive skin!

Tom Larsen
2 years ago

The Shampoo and Conditioner are quite wonderful. I loved that they are made from all Natural Ingredients and I got the same or better results than from the Name Brands. AWESOME!

Valerie Dennison
2 years ago

The lotion smells amazing and made my skin feel so smooth ! It truly is an amazing product I recommend this to everyone . All natural ingredients and well made to keep you feeling refreshed.

Jonathan Brown
2 years ago

Vitamin-C Facial Cleanser has a nice citrus aroma. Definitely opens up pores and leaves face feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Alexandra Ceja
2 years ago

I have had bad acne for years and the acne wash has been a life saver! I love the ingredients and it has cleared up my skin even while wearing a mask!!

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